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Our team has placed a recent focus on these following Marketing Trends for our clients in 2013, check out some of the work we have created for our clients.

1. Design Still Matters.

Take a look and Apple, Pinterest and Nike. They are all more successful because of simple yet elegant design that entices and interacts with their audience. Design powers a businesses value, creating a focus on more than the product they are trying to sell, but on the company it self, instilling faith and trust into their consumers.

2. Marketing is going viral.

Businesses are now utilizing viral video spoofs more and more to bring focus to their company ( Think of Ganam Style or Harlem Shake ). Not only is virality focused on video, but on infographics and memes alike (Definition of meme: The concept of memes is either really deep, or really, really obvious). A meme (rhymes with “team”) behaves like the flu or a cold virus, traveling from person to person quickly, but transmitting an idea instead of a life form. If you have good content that the masses can relate to market it, it could take your business viral.

3. Social Media Gets Clever.

Social Media is an opportunity for your business to connect with a potential audience that may have been previously untapped. Facebook has more than 1 billion users, and twitter has more than 500 million, with this endless list of potential customers floating around on these social sites you must create a successful engaging marketing campaign to capture their interest and keep it.

4. Mobile Web is King.

There are over 5.5 billion mobile users and 1.1 billion smartphone users in the world. iPads and Tablets are one of the fastest growing technology products. Where is your website standing in the digital evolution? Stay up to date by knowing what type of device your clients are using to find your business.

5. Search, Social & PR Collide.

Organic Search has been incorporating the social media aspect of the web for some time, but with recent change in the google search algorithm updates, its become clear that quality and value mean the most. This means that by having high quality content, along with transparent and real time social marketing your company will naturally move up in the Search Engine world.


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